Almost December... WOW!!!

Hello my dearest Friends,
How are you? 
It almost Christmas already, Hope this Christmas ambiance bring Joy, Happiness and New Hope for all of you *Cheerrss*

Why I said WOW in my post title? because I am in mood of writing and want to continue my blog after I have been abandoned it for 8 month.. huhuhuhu... How come?? How Lazy I am??

Actually, I made this blog in October last year, this blog's purposes are want to share and review about my hobbies in make up collection, meet new friends who have same interest in make up, noted some important moment of my life, share about my thought, can inspired others with my life and might when I getting old, I can remember about milestone moment in my life and then be grateful about what God already given in my life.

First, I want to say thank you for someone who help me to fix my blog layout. Last month I browse some blog template and like one template created by Mr Iksandi Lojaya, special thank you because his kindness to help and permit me to use his template. I love your template design, Its Simply and Unique.. :)

Then, before my writing mode on, I re-read all my post and encourage me to post more about beauty product, actually during this year, I bought a lot of make up and skin care product but feel lazy to start writing review.

When I re-read my post about 2013 wishlist,before this year end up, I will evaluate my wishlist...
1, 2, 3, 4.. Here my wishlist:

I want to more often write blog, have a more friend from blog.. as I mention before, I interested in make up and skincare.. might I can make friendship from many blogger with same interest..   

For this one, I was failed. I never update my blog almost for 8 months and of course I don't make any friendship with other blogger who have same interest.

Evaluate: next step I try promise with myself to keep blogging, hope can review more beauty product and post in my blog soon. wish my laziness come away.. HAHAHA..

I really want to take make up course to improve my skill

Yeayyyy, I already took make up course since August, now still learning.. my progress is slowly because I only attend class twice a week. Hope my course will finished latest in March 2014. 
After that maybe I will take hair styling course then wish later I can be talented Make Up Artist..(wish my dream come true) - I feel that it will be difficult to reach that dream but I believe that with God nothing is impossible, so I choose to keep in Faith that someday I will become Make Up Artist.
I also want to learn cooking Nastar.. my auntie recipe is so delicious.. I really want to learn it before she going to US.

Although I cannot learn from my Aunty before she left, but I success to make Nastar.. 
*happy*happy - I make Nastar last July and also sold few jar to my friends, Their response were quite good for my Nastar
My big wishes for this year, I want to meet my lifetime partner this year, after my broke up last year.. I always have desire to fix my relationship, hope he will back to me,  feel that never meet right person anymore..But This year I learn to forget my past, forgive him and myself and move forward from my broken heart period.. Oh no, its already one pity I am if I never move forward and open my heart to another.. I know it's not easy because I am just ordinary

For this wishlist I said Thank Jesus for Your blessing to me throughout this year. 
God already fix my heart from brokenness, I can move forward, forgive my past mistake, struggle with my emotional dependency to someone, make me getting closer and fall in love with God day by day, found peace, joy, have Faith in God, surround by lovely friends and Church community who make me feel so loved and blessed. Then Finally I am grateful because I find someone special, someone that I hope later will be my lifetime partner.

yeah, last but not least..
I shared this one as my grateful heart, Thank You Jesus that You give me chance to meet You, I am so bless to know You, to be able saved by You. Thanks for people surrounding me.
As God Word from Psalm 100:4 "Enter His gate with thanksgiving, enter His courts with praise, give thank to Him and praise His Name"

Let's thanksgiving and praise become our habit to enjoy our life
Thanks for reading and see u in my next post




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