About me

First of All, Thank you for dropping by to my personal blog.
This blog is my personal space for me to write about myself, share my thoughts, and hope I can inspire others.

Who am I?
I am young women in age end of twenties, this age make me thinking more about future career, finding lifetime partner, being wise, set up new goal, finding purpose of life.
this age make me feel in crisis time to find the answer of Who am I? 

I am Indonesian Chinese, raised with love from my parent and have one younger brother.
God create me as unique person, that's reason I should grateful about His Favor and Salvation to me.

Daily activity, I work as secretary in one private company near my hometown. I had been working here since 2010 and now getting boredom about my job situation. 
Beside that, in my spare time I found myself become make up and skincare junkies, I love anything about make up and going crazy to buy any make up stuff and Now I also take make up course, might later have a chance to change my career into this area.

What is encouraging me to blogging?
Since 2010 I have been enjoy reading a blog. I really enjoy to read make up review, tutorial, beauty tips and DIY.
because I have read many blog recently, I motivated to have the one also and sure this blog can encourage myself and my friends to spend their spare time more useful and get rid of all negative feeling.

Why I start blogging?
I don't want to put off until tomorrow, just do it when you have any desire or dream.
Because of that I want to share about what I like and interested in.

What's reason behind the title of this blog?
In my life, I believe of 3 part important thing that we should have. 
There are Faith, Hope and Love
Love is mainly because....
Love can make your life beautiful and easier, 
Faith can heal you from your problem and have strenght to live in,
Hope can make you always enthusiastic with our life.

See u in my next post,

With Love,


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