Liese Hair Bubble Dye #Coloring in Elegant Ash

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Today, I want to share about my experience using Liese Hair Bubble Dye.. 
Liese is brand hair dye from Kao Japan.. I have read many good review about this one and make me curious to try it, moreover my hair dye has become dull and need to be hair dye again since I dye my hair in to medium brown four months ago.

This is my first time using hair bubble dye since I always dye my hair in salon. I bought this hair dye through Indonesian online shop at price IDR 157,000, yeah if compare to do hair dye in salon is cheaper.

Why I choose elegant ash? honestly I want darker my hair color but don't wanna black color.. so I think Elegant ash is best choice..since through the picture looked dark but still have ash and brown color affect in hair.

Let's start with product overview:

Liese Hair Bubble Dye - #Elegant Ash

This green Liese box with #elegant ash color, this packaging look nice in green color.
Inside box consist of 2 bottle (solution number 1 and number 2), bubble pump, rubber gloves, and hair moisturizer that use after hair dye.

Sorry, I didn't photo my process during hair dye, but you can follow the paper instruction inside and also explaining in packaging.

The Instruction written in back of box
  1. Pour solution in bottle 1 into bottle 2, turn it upside down a few times gently to mix
  2. Gently Squeeze the center of bottle 2 in order to dispense foam, it's amaze me because this solution become foam when you squeeze it, that's magic solution Photobucket
  3. Apply foam to dry hair, cover hair completely with foam and massage in it
  4. Massage foam into hair softly and gently so foam can reaches hair roots and each part of hair
  5. Leave foam on hair about 20 - 30 minutes, then rinse out completely, finish by shampooing and then continue with hair moisturizer enclosed.
Caution for use
Regarding this hair dye product contain chemical, although it's product already allergic tested but allergic reaction may happen in few people.. so please tested in your hand skin before you apply it into your hair.

color result

My initial hair color is medium brown color hair, based on this guidance, my hair color will change darker than my hair color before.
Here you can see change my hair color changing:

This photo taken in outdoor lighting, you can see difference color before and after. my hair now darker than before.. I like my new hair color and satisfied enough with this product.

My Opinion about this product:

  • Easy to use, you can hair dye your hair by self.
  • Good quality hair dye, because after hair dye, I didn't feel that my hair getting worse, split end or dry.
  • Quickly to apply, just need 20-30 minutes to change your hair color.
  • Recommend if your hair dye has down and root hair become your initial hair color.
  • Difficult to find in my home country, I bought it from online shop but many color has been sold and not available anymore.
  • Strong scent, like many hair dye.. it makes me a little bit dizzy, but it's still accepted.
Overall, I like this hair dye and you can try also.. I recommended.

Give it 4 star from 5

Another day, I will try another color..



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