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Hi s,

I am just blog walking at http://abundanceoferica.blogspot.ca/2013/01/a-z-of-erica.html and feel so funny about this A-Z question..
I think this Question should answer fast and spontaneously so.. It will be describe what do you like and how you are..
I just try to answer quickly that glimpse on my mind and here we are:

Age?   28, oh times flies so fast… I just think that I just graduate last year..Just Kidding..LOL

Bed Size?   Single, wanna change with double but I have a small bedroom

Chore You Hate?   Waiting..so boring it is.. milkysmile

Dream Room?    Tidy room, big space, have a separate wardrobe in my bedroom, beautiful vanity, vintage room style

Education?   I have been graduate from Petra University Surabaya with major Industrial Engineering

Favourite Colour?   Orange, Yellow, Pink, Red.. I like colorful

Great Acheivment?   I don’t know yet my great achievement…Hope I can get great achievement soon

Height?   165 cm

Instruments I Play?    I just learn play Keyboard, basically I like music, especially church music, so I wish I can play it...

Job Title?    Secretary

Kids?    Not yet

Live?   Surabaya, Indonesia

Motivations?   Impact others, make others happy, keep positive and Thankful always

Nicknames?    Ria Rose

Overnight Hospital Stays?    None , I don’t want it..yeaaayy..

Pet Peeves?   People late, don’t keep their promise, liar.

Quote: Work Hard, Play Hard, Pray Hard, Learn Hard

Right or Left Handed? Right

Shops I Love? Anything about make up item, especially skin care

Time I Wake Up?   4 am…so early right?

Ultimate Food?   Sushi and Pizza

Vacations?    (Bali, Bandung, Medan, Toba Lake --> Indonesia), Singapore, Thailand
What Makes You Run Late?    
Putting makeup on

X-Rays I've Had?   Teeth

Yummy Food I Make?   Omelet

Zoo Animals?   Cheetah, Tiger

So, How about you? Let's try it for fun



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