My Routine Hair Care (part 1)

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This moment I want to share about my routine hair care that recently I used..
As information, because of my previous hair dye few month ago, my hair getting damaged, dry and  split end and my friend told me if you have split end, it's difficult to fix it except you cut off my hair..
But, I like my long hair and don't wanna cut it off.. so I try hair care from Skinfood and Bodyshop.

So, at the same time I choose to buy 3 product items at once, here:

  1. Left one is Skinfood Lychee Essence Mist
  2. In Middle is Grapeseed Glossing Serum
  3. The right one is Skinfood Extra Virgin Olive Essence
First, I want to review one by one then make comparison, which one the best from my opinion.

Skinfood Lychee Essence Mist
Ingredient content lychee extract with vitamins for damaged hair due to perms or color treatments to fill the hair with moisture and softness without irritating the scalp.
It's contain 100 ml and liquid like water..

Why I choose this product?
Because this ingredient, I decide to buy this stuff due to suitable for color treatments and given moisture for my hair also..

My Opinion


  1. Like name this stuff is hair miss, so to use it you can spray it into your hair (bottle contain 100ml).
  2. Lovely scent with lychee scented and of course have long lasting scented.
  3. My hair become smooth after I spray into my hair.
  4. Affordable price also, it cost IDR 80,000 or equally USD 8 (I bought it through online shop)
  1. Overall, I don't have any cons about this product, but by myself, I don't really like hair mist.
I give 4 from 5 for Skinfood Lychee Essence Mist

Bodyshop Grapeseed Glossing Serum
Ingredient content
  1. Grapessed oil, where this contain can moisturize hair, help to protect hair shaft from moisture loss by coating it and also make smooth hair. 
  2. Community Trade sesame oil moisturizes and conditions hair, adding softness and shine.

Why I choose this product?
First reason I buy this product, because Bodyshop is favorite brand for skincare range.
I had try aloe soothing moisture lotion SPF 15, Nutriganics TM drop of youth,  Nutriganics TM smoothing day cream, Nutriganics TM smoothing night cream, body butter, cherry blossom eau de toilette and many more. Later I will review about it..

Second reason because this stuff is best serum for dull or frizzy hair, make shine with a glossing and hydrating serum that leaves your locks smooth, sleek and shiny.

My Opinion

  1. Clear color, light oil and not grease with amazing citrus scented.. I am really like it.
  2. Makes my hair look shine/glossy after apply it
  3. Just need 3-4 pump for apply entire my hair.        

  1. It's pricey than Skinfood product, around IDR 150,000 or equal USD 15  
I give 4.5 from 5 for Bodyshop Grapeseed Serum

Skinfood Extra Virgin Olive Essence
Ingredients content Extra Virgin Olive Oil that can make gently coats damaged hair, also content a polymer silicone complex that makes dry and frizzy hair lustrous and silky smooth.

Why I choose this product?
  1. Many skincare product using olive oil for their ingredient. Olive oil claim can make smooth your skin, and of course if you apply in hair, it will be give same works and result, then this product not only content olive oil, but Extra Virgin Olive Oil, comes from virgin oil production only, contains no more than 0.8% acidity, and is judged to have a superior taste.                                     (resource:
  2. I already read many review about this product and most of them satisfied with. so why not I am not try it too??milkysmile

My Opinion

  1. It's clear and don't have strong scented like Skinfood Lychee Essence Mist or Bodyshop Grapeseed Glossy Serum.
  2. After I apply into my hair, I can fell that my hair getting smoother and less frizzy.
  3. If you apply it in numerous amount ( I usually use 3-4 pumps for one side of my hair, so needed 6-8 pumps for entire my hair) --> it doesn't make sticky or greasy, but I believe it makes my hair smoother. 
  4. Affordable price also, it cost IDR 80,000 or equally USD 8 (I bought it through online shop)
None, everything okay.

Igive 5 from 5 for Extra Virgin Olive Oil Essence

I highly recomended Bodyshop Grapeseed Glossing Serum and Skinfood Extra Virgin Oil.
I will repurchase Skinfood Extra Virgin Oil and not Grapeseed Glossing Serum, because I want to try another hair skin product..
Anyone have recommendation to me?.

Glimpse Story:
I feel that my hair become healthy, smoother, and not dull anymore, but unfortunately for my split end.. arrrhh... still the same but not getting worse..
Mabye it should be cut it off to fixed my hair condition.. milkysmile 





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