Time to accelerate

Psalm 9: 1-6
Expect opposition
In Christ you are promised that ultimately you will overcome
I like the Word of God that teach us to always praise the Lord
"Lord, I praise you with all my heart, I will tell of all your wonders, I will be glad and rejoice in You"

Matthew 10: 32 - 11: 15
Embrace sacrifice
My love for Jesus should exceed even the greatest love you have for those closest to you.  Jesus said that: Those who do not take up their cross and follow Me are not worthy of Me. This is the way in which you discover God's will for your life, if you want God to use you more. if you want to accelerate, you must be willing to embrace this kind of sacrifice.
The simple act we should do that Jesus teach us is give a cool cup of water to someone who is thirsty.. you won't lose out on a thing

we called to be radical commitment to Jesus

Genesis 27: 1 - 28: 22
Enjoy the challenge in this world

Jesus, thank you that you warn us not to be surprised by opposition but rather to expect it. thank you that on the cross and through the resurrection you have defeated all the forces of evil, Jesus i praise You with all my heart, i will tell of all your wonders, i will be glad and rejoice in You
Jesus, help me to embrace sacrifice, help me to be willing to take up my cross and follow you. help me to be willing to be identified with you and not ashamed to acknowledge You whatever the circumstances.
Jesus thank you that you are with me and watch over me wherever i go, help me to be counted amongst those forceful people enjoying the exhilaration, excitement, and challenge of a life spend following Jesus 


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