Happy New Year 2013

Happy New Year 2013 everyone...teeet...teeet....teeet.....
wish happiness, blessing, healthy and success come to you this year..

How’s your day in second day of January 2013? 
About my day...  I want to share a little bit my life, my feeling, and my wishlist in 2013.

My auntie and Me

This picture above is my auntie and me.. this photo taken in last day 2012.. she is my closest and dearest auntie I have,    I often spend my spare time with her.. Throughout early this year.. my feeling become a little bit sad.. because at the end January, she will go to US for long period .. I will miss her so badly..milkysmile

Today, I also get back to work again.. this year I pass my 3 years working period here..
honestly I said.. I getting boring with my job, because my office friend only 7 peoples, so small number for category office, isn't it?, my feeling so lonely at office and my work task is not challenge anymore..
But.. God always remind me to always say thanks to God for everything happen, because at least till this year I have a job, happy family, many friends who loves and care to me..

I am very like to hear weekly sermon from Ps Joel Osteen from Texas, US.. you can check in his website www.joelosteen.com. His Sermon always remind me that God love us very much, when we felt down, God always beside us, wrap our tears, and never forget us nor forsaken us..

Life is so beautiful so we should change our life perspective.. We should enjoy every moment of our life..
Forget about the past, forgive every mistake happen and staying passionate about your life through Y 2013..

This day, I want to share about my wishlist for 2013..

  1. I want to more often write blog, have a more friend from blog.. as I mention before, I interested in make up and skincare.. might I can make friendship from many blogger with same interest..
  2. I really want to take make up course to improve my skill..
  3. I also want to learn cooking Nastar.. my auntie recipe is so delicious.. I really want to learn it before she going to US.
  4. My big wishes for this year, I want to meet my lifetime partner this year, after my broke up last year.. I always have desire to fix my relationship, hope he will back to me,  feel that never meet right person anymore..But This year I learn to forget my past, forgive him and myself and move forward from my broken heart period.. Oh no, its already one year..so pity i am if i never move forward and open my heart to another.. I know it's not easy because i am just ordinary women, but I have God who always love me and I trust Him that His plan is the best for me..Photobucket

So everything happen to you now, maybe you have a difficult period now, still be positive because God will pave the way to move in greater ways in your life, He can make up your lost time and bring you out better off than you were before if you Trust in God..

Happy.. Happy new year.. hope the best for this year friends...
God Bless u Always... 



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