What A Life?

Hi Gals,
How are you recently?
Recently I have so busy with work and help my aunty packing.

This day, I am going to sharing about my recently feeling.
My aunty, korita (usually I called her) moved to USA this week and maybe for longer time we will not meet each other.
She is my best aunty I have, we often hangout together, maybe almost hangout every weeks.
Her moving make me feel sad and lost, but I think I have to get rid off this sad feeling into happiness..
Yeah, her moving bring new life, journey, hope and happiness to her, I am sure her decision to moving is big decision that she had chosen.

So, I decide to support her decision, not sad anymore and pray for her happiness there.
Life Must Goes On, I realize.. That's life..
There is chance to meet, share, laugh together, and at the end we have to ready about farewell time..
It is a cycle we have to go through it... As long as this for a goodness...we should support and eliminate our bad feeling, we should not be selfish..
It's make me to get wise to live in this world..

Wish all the best and success for you.
Take care yourself there
Hope your life there bring new hope and happiness..

God bless you always..

last dinner moment with my aunty



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