My Routine Skincare


This time, I want to share about my routine skincare what I used recently.
For almost 4 years I have been used Japanese brand product, KOSE SEKKISEI series.
It claims that effective to prevent commons skin disorders such as dullness and freckles and the ingredient contains Japanese and Chinese herbal extracts, so it’s safe and good for skin.

I have been tried 5 product of this range series, like:
  1. KOSE SEIKISHO mask white
  2. KOSE SEKKISEI Lotion (toner)
  3. KOSE SEKKISEI Emulsion (moisturizer)
  4. KOSE SEKKISEI Powder wash

  5. KOSE SEKKISEI eye cream

After I use this product for a long time period, I feel that it suit for my skin, my skin don’t have any problem but except make my skin become dry.  Might, I think because of powder wash and emulsion product.

Honestly, SEIKKISEI range product might doesn’t work as I expected but I still consider that this product have good quality skincare and till this time I love to use mask white , lotion and eye cream.. then later I am going to repurchase it.


KOSE SEIKISHO mask white
Although named mask white, this mask is black gel that claims can remove dirt and impurities such as blackheads and whiteheads, usually I use this mask twice a week and it reduce my blackhead around nose then it also refreshing my skin

How to use:
  1. Clean face before apply black gel into face and avoid hair, eyes and lip area
  2. Wait for 20-25 minutes until gel to dry, peel off smoothly
  3. Continue with KOSE SEKKISEI LOTION
Me with Mask White

After peel off

KOSE SEKKISEI Lotion (toner)
This lotion contains alcohol but not too much strong smell, it claims well for normal, dry and oily skin, even for sensitive skin.
I like this lotion (toner) because very refreshing, moisture, herby floral scent, make my skin brighten and smooth

How to use:
  1. I use it after cleansing my face, with pour in to cotton pad then pat gently over my face and neckline (do not rub, just stick gently)
  2. when I am tired, I usually pour it into cotton pad and put on my eyes (become eye mask sheet)
  3. Continue with KOSE SEKKISEI Emulsion (now I am not using it anymore, I continue with Nutriganics body shop night cream and I will review it later)

It’s highly concentrate eye cream that enhance skin self moisturizing ability from within, clarifies skin around the eyes and make it brighter and prevent aging.
It’s my first eye cream and I have been use it for 3 years, I had bought 3 times..
According to me, this eye cream is very good to reduce my dark circle that appear when I am tired with long time period in front of computer.
How to use:
  1. Apply at night - scoop a small amount of cream and use fingertips, spread from the inner corners of the eyes

Eye Cream

It’s all my review from SEKKISEI range; overall it’s best quality of Japanese skincare.
Price is pricey, here price list if you buy in Indonesia:
Mask White = IDR 279,000
Lotion 200ml = IDR 619,000
Eye Cream = IDR 619,000 
But all of these can empty up to 1 year usage
So still worth it to try, especially for the mask white..:)

Let’s see at my next post



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